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Imagine a world where families are queuing for the bathroom, toothbrushing is fun and children brush accurately twice a day. Welcome to the world of Playbrush!

Playbrush is a smart device that attaches to any manual toothbrush and transforms it into a game controller. When connected to your smartphone or tablet, kids are able to play fun and instructional mobile games.

Playbrush is a 3-in-1 solution, because: 

  • it focuses on improving kid's dental health and thus, helps save money.
  • it teaches people to brush twice a day, all around their mouths and for long enough.
  • Gamified toothbrushing makes dental health and brushing finally fun!


    More about Playbrush

    The main features of Playbrush are:

    • Playbrush gives you free access to the mobile game. Enter Utoothia and save the Tooth Fairy.
    • Playbrush gets kids to brush all around their mouth, for 2 minutes and twice a day.
    • Playbrush is easy to hold for children of all ages and its stretchable head means it will fit any manual toothbrush.
    • Playbrush attaches to any manual toothbrush and thus, only one device is needed for the whole family!
    • The Playbrush leaderboard will get the whole family involved and make brushing even more fun.
    • Playbrush only needs to be recharged once a month.

    This package contains

    • 1 Playbrush
    • 1 Micro USB Charging Cable

    * Minimum requirement: iPhone 4S / iPad 3 and iOS 8
    ** Minimum requirement: Android 4.4 KitKat plus BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) capability

     download Manual

     The Game  


    The Brusher
    Each player can create their own character. Thus, everyone is able to travel
    on their own adventure and overcome the brushing challenges.
    The Game
    Crobies, the evil helpers of Plaksta, are coming from all directions into the screen.
    The brusher has to brush their teeth based on where they are entering.
    Based on overcoming various brushing challenges, the brusher gets rewards.
    For instance, if you brush twice a day for two days in a row, you will get the reward “Regularity”.
    The rewards will get more difficult with each level the brusher progresses to.
    Brusher Stats
    After the game, brushing stats are shown to the brusher and their parents.
    With these stats, the brusher learns about his brushing behavior and can therefore
    improve their brushing technique.

    What Playbrush measures  


    Technical Details 


      If you are not satisfied with your Playbrush, you can return it for a replacement or refund within 30 days.For further information see below.