Get the electric Playbrush with a yearly Dental Plan, now with a free gift. 

You pay £59.99 for the full bundle in year one, but only renew for £39.99 every 12 months.

Playbrush Smart Sonic Details

Playbrush Smart Sonic is a fully integrated electric toothbrush, that connects to interactive gaming apps on a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and motivates children to brush for long enough and all around their mouths.

17,000 swivel movements per minute and 2 brushing modes.

Extra soft bristles indicate when the brush head needs to be changed.

Translates brushing strokes into the app and measures pressure, accuracy, duration and regularity.

What makes the Playbrush subscription special?

Playbrush rewards great brushing! Playbrushers with a subscription earn points for every brush, and these can be redeemed in cash via PayPal or taken off the next subscription renewal. You can earn up for £30.00 off of your £39.99 subscription payment - a reward for good quality and regular brushing!

If you subscribe and realise it’s not for you? No problem, you can cancel anytime and stop paying!

What is the free present?

8 fun stickers to personalise the Playbrush. Simply attach the sticker collection themed around Easter and Toothbrushing Heroes to the light blue part of your brush to give it a unique look.