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Playbrush comes with two exciting free games (Utoothia and Utoothia Paint). 

Upgrading to the games subscription will provide your kids with even more brushing adventures and enable you to monitor your children’s brushing in our parents app.

Keep Children Motivated With More Games

Subscription customers have unlimited access to all 5 brushing game apps (Android and iOS). This includes our very first multiplayer game, Utoothia Dance, where two children can brush and play at the same time, competing in a dance battle.

  • Game variety ensures motivation

  • Access to newly released games

Data Monitoring For Parents

Do your children actually clean their teeth? How long for? Did they ignore any areas of their mouth? Our Data monitoring app will answer your questions!

  • Data overview for each child

  • Summary of all games and over time

  • Tracks brushing time, regularity and effectiveness


Discover your inner-hero and fend off the attacking tooth monsters! Your journey will take you through different worlds of Utoothia and let you unlock fantastic brushing medals. Learn all about Utoothia or watch a short brushing demonstration.

Utoothia Paint

Note: Especially for our younger brushing champions. Release your creativity and turn your toothbrush into a paintbrush! A colourful artist palette and a variety of colour-in images will let you bring the worlds of Utoothia to life. More in this short clip.

Utoothia Dance

Dance your way to toothbrushing stardom! The spotlight is now focused on you during toothbrushing. Choose the perfect music and show everyone your dancing skills on stages from all around the world. The better you follow the choreography, the better your score and the better cool outfits, worldwide stages and special dance moves you can unlock! But the most important new feature: the brand new 2 PLAYER MODE! Two Playbrushers can now play simultaneously, against each other in an exciting dance battle. Watch our video.

Utoothia Sky

Note: Especially for younger kids. Fly high into the sky and discover the world of Utoothia with your magic flying vehicle. It is your mission to discover even the remotest regions and collect precious stars on your way. Watch kids play this game or read the full story!

Utoothia Magic

Join the Tooth Fairy on her quest to win back her magical teeth, stolen by the terrible Ogre Plaksta. Be careful, an army of Crobies are trying to stop you! Click here to read the story behind the game!

Accordion Title 1

Accordion Title 2

Accordion Title 3