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Playbrush Stickers
Toothbrushing has never been more colourful!

This is how you pimp your Playbrush:
1) Clean the colourful toothbrush holder with a wet cloth and dry well
2) Apply stickers and press firmly

Tips for a longer durability:
Please note that although stickers have been tested to be suitable for the bathroom, they only last for a limited amount of time. The following tricks will help you to keep them longer:

* Keep dry. Excessive water contact reduces adhesive power.
* If wet, dab it dry with a lint-free towel
* Hold onto the handle of the toothbrush instead of the Playbrush itself whilst toothbrushing

Stickers start pealing off?
No worries, one batch of stickers will let you design your Playbrush at least three times.