Since you’ve been gone...

...the Playbrush experience has evolved

NEW! Playbrush Smart Sonic

We listened to our customers and developed the Playbrush Smart Sonic. A best in class electric toothbrush with 17,000 movements per minute, a pressure sensor and two brushing modes.

12 Games

We developed a total of twelve games. Your children can now not only fight monsters of fly planes, they can now play football, dance on the world's stags of feed our little Playbrush frog. 

Brushing Coach

Now your children can learn to brush their teeth properly with a help of a interactive 3D visualisation of their set of teeth.

Detailed Brushing Statistics

Stay up-to-date on the brushing progress of your child. Monitor brushing time, regularity and effectiveness.

But that is only the beginning!

Many more features will follow within the next year: you will also be able to set individual brushing times, offline brushing tracking and of course at least one new game. AND something big is waiting for all parents... but this is still a secret.

Your Special Update Offer!

Playbrush Smart Sonic + dental plan

 + access to ALL Games, 

 + access to the Brushing Coach 

 + access to detailed Brushing Statistics 

 + 1 year supply of brushing heads 

 NOW for only £69,99 £34.99 for the 1st year

"Finally Playbrush is available as an electric toothbrush!" 

 Claudia, mother of one

"My two love the variety. The dance game has taken a special liking to them. They start fun dance battles now every day" 

 Stephen, father of two.