No thanks, I don’t want a subscription!

Continue without subscription

No worries, you still have access to 4 free games & the brushing coach, and can upgrade anytime.

Do I need a subscription?

You do not require a subscription to use Playbrush. You still have access to 4 free games and the Brushing Coach.

What features will I miss?

Unlimited game access

Detailled brushing statistics

Can I upgrade later?

Yes, subscriptions can also be purchased via the Playbrush App or in our webshop.

  • For less than a price of a coffee, i can motivate my kids to brush their teeth.
    Peter via Support
  • I'm don’t normally purchase subscriptions. But when my kids were so excited to brush their teeth, I decided I had to subscribe to make sure they keep brushing!
  • I can’t put a price on improving my children’s dental health.
    John via Amazon