• Full access to all games and the Brushing Coach
  • Full access to the data monitoring app for parents
  • Membership for the Playbrush rewards program
  • Please note: you only need one subscription per household
Why should I upgrade to a subscription?

Full access to all 10 brushing games as well as to the Brushing Coach, an interactive 3D experience that teaches children the correct brushing techniques.

Full access to Playbrush data monitoring, enabling you to monitor your children’s brushing progress over time with statistics and graphs. Also receive an effortless weekly bitesize summary via Email.

You receive membership to the Playbrush rewards program. You can earn up to £30/year in discount on your renewal or in cash via Paypal if your children brush regularly.

Do I need a subscription for each of my children?

Only 1 Games Subscription is needed per household. If you have two or more kids, purchase 1 subscription and all kids will have access to all games.

How and when can I cancel the subscription?

All Playbrush subscriptions are fully flexible and can be canceled at any time. Just write us an email or update your subscription preferences in your personal account.

  • My kids play a different game every day. They’re always excited to brush their teeth!
    Katie via Amazon
  • Sometimes I still need to give my children a little bit of help with brushing, but they’re always motivated! The brushing data really helps me to see their progress.
    Sophie via Amazon
  • My children are so keen to brush their teeth that we end up paying much less for our subscription, thanks to the points redeemed from the rewards scheme!
    Mike via Amazon