• New toothbrush heads (2x) delivered directly to your door in your preferred interval
  • Unlimited access to all games and the brushing coach
  • Unlimited access to all brushing statistics
  • Unlimited access to the bonus program
What advantages does the Games and Brush Heads subscription have?

Full access to all 10 brushing games as well as to the Brushing Coach, an interactive 3D experience that teaches children the correct brushing techniques.

Full access to Playbrush data monitoring, enabling you to monitor your children’s brushing progress over time with statistics and graphs. Also receive an effortless weekly bitesize summary via Email.

You receive membership to the Playbrush rewards program. You can earn up to £30/year in discount on your renewal or in cash via Paypal if your children brush regularly.

You receive replacement toothbrush heads for at the best price delivered to your door.

Do I pay for the subscription from now onwards, although I only receive the brush in September?

If you upgrade to a subscription today, you will pay upon checkout for your first delivery in September. You will however not be charged in September, and will only be charged again in December 2018 (if you selected quarterly payment), in March 2019 (if you selected half-yearly payment) or in September 2019 (if you selected yearly payment). So your recurring payment will only be calculated from September onwards.

Do I need a subscription for each of my children?

Yes, this subscription does not just include access to all games and brushing statistics, but you can also choose different colours of the toothbrush heads for your children.

How and when can I cancel the subscription?

All Playbrush subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and have no binding period. You can easily cancel this by sending an email to us at or online within your Playbrush account.

Can I buy the brush heads separately, without a subscription?

You can also buy toothbrush heads without a subscription in our webshop.

  • There can be up to 600 bacteria in a toothbrush before use, so it is important to replace toothbrushes regularly! The replacement indicator bristles help you decide when to change.
    Phillip, Dentist
  • So easy! The replacement toothbrushes come in the post and there are more games on top of that. What more could you ask for!
  • 3 birds with one stone: new games, brushing statistics AND replacement toothbrush heads straight to your door.