This product can only be pre-ordered* at the moment! It will be delivered beginning of September.


  • 1 Playbrush Smart Sonic
  • 1 Brushing Head
  • 4 Free Games
  • 1 Charging Dock
*What does pre-order mean? What advantages does this have?

When you pre-order a Playbrush Smart Sonic, pay today and you’ll be one of the first to receive your delivery in September. Your advantages:

  • Your family is a pioneer in the field of pediatric dentistry, as you are one of the first families to experience Playbrush with an interactive sonic toothbrush.
  • You secure the Early Bird discount, so your Playbrush Smart Sonic is only £29.99 instead of £34.99 RRP.
  • You enter the big Playbrush raffle. Find the golden brush head in your order and we will send your family (2 children and 2 adults) to Disneyland Paris for a weekend. The winner will be determined at random. The legal process is excluded.
How does Playbrush Smart Sonic work?

Playbrush Smart Sonic is a fully integrated electric toothbrush, that connects to interactive game apps and motivates children to brush for long enough and all around their mouths.

What are Playbrush Smart Sonic's features?
  • Translates brushing movements into playing fun games
  • Evaluates brushing and monitors data over time
  • Measures pressure, position, duration & regularity
  • 17000 strokes per minute
  • Extra soft indicator bristles
  • In-game audio instructions and quick statistics
  • Medal system and worldwide leaderboards
  • Waterproof
What is the age range of Playbrush Smart Sonic and how many do I need for my children?

Playbrush Smart Sonic is suitable for ages 3+. If each child has their own toothbrush head, they can set up their own profile in the apps, and then one Playbrush Smart Sonic can be shared by the whole family!

Which toothbrush heads and devices are compatible with Playbrush Smart Sonic?
  • The brush heads have been exclusively designed for Playbrush and are available from the Playbrush online shop from September onwards.
  • Apps work on iOS, Android and Kindle
  • Minimum Requirements for phones and tablets: iPhone 4S or iPad 3 with iOS 8, Android 4.4 KitKat with Bluetooth Low Energy, Kindle Fire 4th Generation with Fire OS4

Delivered within 3-5 working days. 30 day money back guarantee!

  • Finally Playbrush is available as an electric toothbrush.
    Lisa via Amazon
  • Only 19 quid for an ultrasonic toothbrush that tracks brushing behaviour? Bargain!
    Thomas via Amazon
  • Fun toothbrushing and a chance to go to Disneyland? Great value.
    Annabelle via Amazon