• 2x Smart Sonic toothbrush heads in the colour of your choice
What are the special features of the toothbrush heads?
  • Extra soft bristles for children
  • Indicator bristles that change colour when brush heads need to be replaced
  • Rubber, gum-friendly surface
  • Exclusively designed in Switzerland for the Playbrush Smart Sonic
Where can I buy the brush heads?

The toothbrush heads can be purchased from the Playbrush webshop. For a stress free Playbrush experience, upgrade to our toothbrush head subscription – which is exclusive to our webshop.

How long should my child use a toothbrush head?

Dentists recommend changing toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads every 3 months. A double pack thus lasts for 6 months.

Are Playbrush Smart Sonic’s toothbrush heads compatible with other toothbrushes?

No, the toothbrush heads have been designed solely for use with the Playbrush Smart Sonic.

Are there any round rotating toothbrush heads available?

No, because Playbrush Smart Sonic is a sonic toothbrush. Sonic toothbrushes have vibrating bristles to clean teeth more effectively and are gum-friendly.