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Make Brushing Teeth Fun With an Interactive Toothbrush

Make Brushing Teeth More Enjoyable

The Playbrush translates brushing movements into the game. Children can fly planes, paint pictures, explore levels, and receive live feedback while brushing their teeth.

Varied games promote brushing skills and motivation.

Your children will brush twice as long

Children brush all the way around their mouth*

Detailed statistics to monitor brushing progress.

"My two love the variety. The dance game has taken a special liking to them. They start fun dance battles now every day."

Alexander Henit, father of two.

Healthy Teeth For Children Without The Daily Hassle!

Twice as Long Brushing Time

Playing the Playbrush game results in children brushing for twice as long.

Ensure all areas brushed effectively

Children are incentivised to brush for long enough and all around their mouths and receive statistics and feedback after every brush.

No Arguments, Just Fun

100% of parents agree that their child finds brushing fun using Playbrush. Kids did not need to be reminded to brush, brush spontaneously/voluntarily

"Playbrush is not just a fun game, but actually measures where and for how long my kid’s teeth were brushed, and where they need to improve."

Suzanna, mother of two.

Electric Playbrush Smart Sonic

Playbrush Smart Sonic is a fully integrated electric toothbrush, that connects to interactive gaming apps on a smartphone or tablet and motivates children to brush for long enough and all around their mouths.

Manual Playbrush Smart

Playbrush Smart is an intelligent attachment for your manual toothbrush, that connects to interactive gaming apps via Bluetooth, so children can play games, collect medals, explore levels, and receive cleaning feedback while brushing their teeth.